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Clinic Cat - Parker

Parker is an 11 year old mature domestic short-haired cat that joined the clinic in the fall of 2010. Parker is the clinic cat and was adopted from CatNap from the Heart. Parker lives full time at the La Grange Park Cat Clinic and is known to haunt the clinic's kitchen and office. Parker was diagnosed with a tumor in her nose and was on chemotherapy for almost a year to control it.  Since those medications have started, she has become much more social.  Parker might even come up and ask for a pet. Please ask to meet Parker and we will be happy to take you to meet her royal majesty.

As of July 2016, Parker has begun to lose her battle with the tumor.  She is not suffering, just sneezing again and having watery eyes.  Parker remains active and teaching kittens proper respect for their elders.

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