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The “Paleo” Way of Feeding the Cat

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Posted on 05-13-2015

We have all heard about the “Paleo” diet for ourselves.  What would that be for your indoor cat? 

The cat’s preferred natural diet consists of eight to 10 meals high in protein and fat.  The average number of calories in an indoor adult diet kibble is 2-3 calories.  The comparable “wild” food is a mouse which has an average calorie content of 30-35 calories per mouse.  This translates as 10-15 pieces of kibble per meal.

We all have busy lives and can rarely feed that many meals in a day.  But there are several strategies that give the cat that many meals and enrich their lives.  One strategy is to place each portion in a separate bowl and hide them around the house so that Kitty must “hunt” the meals.  Multiple treat balls or food puzzles can also be used, since the cat must think to get the food out.  Ask your veterinarian for other strategies than those listed here, the certified Cat Friendly Practices are always ready to help.

Remember: middle-aged, obese cats have about three times the risk of illness and death as a cat at a healthy body weight.  So get your cat moving!

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