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Hairballs, Hacks, Gags and Gas: Learn why you should schedule your pet’s annual checkup today!

Posted on 08-01-2016

When you’re a pet owner, you know all the benefits of living with a furry friend in your home. Wet kisses, happy tail wags, loud purrs. Did you expect hairballs on the carpet? Partially digest...

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7 Steps to Put the “Treat” in Treatment

Posted on 05-24-2015

We all, pet owners and veterinarians alike, have had problems getting pills down a cat.  Here are seven steps and some further advice on how to get a cat to more willingly take those pills. ...

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No Lilies for Kitties!

Posted on 05-19-2015

With the holidays of Easter and Mother’s Day just past, and the summer growing season upon us; here are some reminders about lilies and their dangers to cats. There are many different kinds o...

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The “Paleo” Way of Feeding the Cat

Posted on 05-13-2015

We have all heard about the “Paleo” diet for ourselves.  What would that be for your indoor cat?  The cat’s preferred natural diet consists of eight to 10 meals high in ...

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Five Environmental Needs of Cats

Posted on 03-26-2015

Cats have five needs beyond food, water, and shelter to keep them healthy and make them good companions to live with.  Providing for these needs helps reduce “bad” behaviors.  It...

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