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(708) 562-2287 H

(708) 562-2287

Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

January De-stress from the holidays - 25% off Feliway, food puzzles, and treats

Dental - $50 off dental cleaning & 10% off dental health products

March Dental special continued
April Spring - 10% off Heartworm Test plus save 10% off a 6 month supply of flea/heartworm preventative.
May Spring special continued
June Adopt-A-Cat Month - Complimentary preventative care exam (valued at $46) for all cats adopted from a rescue or humane society within the last year. 
July Rabies Awareness - $10 rabies vaccinations
August Back to School - 25% off all vaccinations
September Senior cat special - 25% off basic senior cat package plus free daycare
October Heart health special - 25% off Exam, 2 - view chest x-ray, and Heart Disease Screening blood test.
November Diabetes Awareness Month - 25% off Exam, Nutrition and Weight Assessment, Diabetes Screening blood test.
December Weight management for the holidays - 25% off nutrition and weight counseling (includes exam)

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