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Preparing your cat for a veterinary visit

The Bayer-AAFP study found that half of America's 74 million cats were not receiving annual veterinary care. The study recommended the following five steps that every cat owner could do to prepare their cat for a low stress veterinary visit. Together they are referred to as the "Feline Five".

1. Make the cat carrier a cool place for the cat to hang out in. The carrier should be viewed as a part of the home territory and there are several ways to make it more familiar to your cat. We recommend keeping the cat carrier around the house year round. You can place a cat bed, toys, and treats in there to entice your cat.

2. Get your cat used to traveling in the car. We welcome cats to stop by the clinic for treats and a weight check. You can also take your cat with you when you go shopping to local pet stores. Your cat should stay in its cat carrier when it is in your car.

3. Preventative care visits once a year are the best way to improve your cat's health. 

4. Recognize that diseases can creep up quickly and quietly in the cat. Your cat will hide disease in an effort to not become another animal's prey. 

5. Ask our veterinary team about ways to identify that your cat is not feeling well. Basically, if there is a change in the way that your cat acts, you need to contact us. 

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