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Diagnostic Imaging

La Grange Park Cat Clinic uses digital x-rays, radiographs, to accurately diagnose and treat ill cats. You will leave our clinic with a cd containing your cat's x-ray images. Dr. Cuevas also advocates that all senior cats, 8 years and up, have annual x-rays completed. X-rays help Dr. Cuevas identify tumors, arthritis, bowel obstructions, and heart or lung issues.

Ultrasound imaging is another helpful diagnostic tool and it requires a specialist. Should your cat need an ultrasound completed, Dr. Cuevas will refer your cat to Dr. K. Pampel. Dr. Pampel is a mobile ultrasonographer and she will complete your cat's ultrasound in the comfort and safety of our clinic.

Radiograph or x-ray image below is of Kaylee, a previous foster kitten, that had a bowel obstruction due to intestinal parasites. 

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La Grange Park Cat Clinic of Westchester is dedicated to helping your cat's well being.

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