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Illness & Chronic Care

No matter how much we love our cats and provide them with the best in preventative care, some of our cats will develop chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, urinary issues, and chronic kidney disease.  We understand that such a diagnosis can be stressful, but  Dr. Cuevas uses experience and expertise into helping manage these cases.  She encourages the owner to become involved in the care of these conditions, and with her staff, strives to educate clients on daily management for their cats.

Many Chronic diseases can be successfully managed - if diagnosed early - and La Grange Park Cat Clinic is here to help manage your cat's chronic conditions.

Dr. Frick, our first senior clinic cat, had multiple chronic health issues including high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, and chronic kidney disease. We said goodbye to Dr. Frick after we were no longer able to control his pain due to severe arthritis. We miss you sweet boy!

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La Grange Park Cat Clinic of Westchester is dedicated to helping your cat's well being.

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